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Happy New Year

I’m back open again after the holidays for treatment and rehab for pain and discomfort.

Appointments are available everyday apart from Sunday. Appointments available from early morning, through lunch-time to evening  in my part of Glasgow/East Renfrewshire. I’m here if you need me, but a bit like Nanny McPhee I hope you don’t want me..

Covid prevention procedures still apply and are detailed in emails sent to you.

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February Update:

That’s Christmas and New Year out of the way and we’re well into January and I’m starting to book people in for February too. 

I’m introducing a few different ways to treat you into my treatment of you. (you do get a choice of whether they’re used or not) but up to now people that have tried them find it useful.

There will be more info about this in my newsletter. You have subscribed haven’t you?

I’ve also started to get back into my running again and if you’re local, you may see me running around Thornliebank, Giffnock and Shawlands. As my fitness improves you may see me further afield as well.. With the running I’ve also decided to relunch the “Gasping With Gerbs” running and general fitness podcast. I’ll let you all know when it’s out..

A recent discovery has been, I like the gym..this surprised me. What started out as final stage shoulder rehab has become something I miss when I don’t do it.

I really like application of strength and conditioning/rehab in treatment and while I understand it’s not for everyone I probably will discuss it with you because of the value it can add to your treatment.

From 2021

That’s me been back for the the whole of May and June. Since Lockdown ended it’s been great seeing some familiar faces and also new ones. It’s also been a bit disappointing hearing about some of the treatment that some of you have had while I’ve been closed (More about this in an upcoming newsletter!).

With us now in July I thought it was time to plough ahead with something I’ve planning for a little while… a newsletter…it’s not something that’s particularly ground breaking, but it’s a good way for you to find out about any special offers available to subscribers and also starting to pull all my hints and tips together and help you find various new videos when they’re done. During Lockdown I managed to slip on ice and fracture my shoulder. Here’s a photo of me with my sling on. What you can’t see is the degree of bruising and swelling going on under the shirt sleeve.  I was, as you can probably guess, not thrilled to have done this, but rather than seeing this as solely a negative phenomena, I wanted to see what I could learn from it..I’ve been doing regular, warts and all YouTube videos on my broken shoulder. I’m now well into the rehab phrase. It never gets easier if you push it.  You just move further.

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