Looking ahead to 2019

New Year is a time when people look back and see what they didn’t like in the old year and plan changes to make the new one better. Resolutions don’t seem to work, because once you’ve broken it, that’s your New Years resolution over. What I do instead, is have intentions

I don’t make resolutions anymore. What I have are intentions…I intend to bring variety to my life and try new things because variety is healthy. Learning new things is good for our brain. New movements are good for bones muscles, ligaments and joints and variety in diet is good for a healthy digestion. These are my intentions for next year.

Variety in Movement

I want to return to some activities, get good at one and also try to do something I’ve never been able to do…

Activities I want to Return to

I want to get back to my running. It’s easy to do and only ever takes as long as I have. It gets me out and makes my head feel better. I’m not setting any distances. I’m not planning to enter any races. I just want to run. As long as I get a little consistency and run a few times a week, I’ve taken a small step into running again.

I may also try to get climbing and bouldering again. I stopped when oldest was a baby and have never returned to climbing. I’m not too fond of the gym and find it pointless. Indoor climbing and bouldering is a great all over workout and an excellent replacement for the gym. Time to get back to it maybe?

Somewhere between returning to and new is trying to get on my longboard again. I still want to be the hairy longboarder dancing along to Dolly. The first step to this is spending some time on my board.
The Balance, strength and stamina the hairy longboarder must have to maintain his position on the board and the boards’ direction on the road are incredible. Climbing may act as an enabler for balance strength and stamina that the dancing on the boarding will require. While I’m talking about dancing, this brings me to my new movements.

New Activities

I want to learn to dance. I’m a bit wooden when I dance. I want to be a bit more animated and confident in my dance. Dancing is a social activity. I realised in 2018 that I had a small social network. Dance classes are my way of addressing that.

So I’m going to try something completely out of my ordinary. I fancy Indian dancing, not Bollywood style, but Bhangra, full on super Sikh style…

Activities I've never been able to do

The thing I’ve never been able to do? Touch my toes. I’ve never been able to do it. At primary school, all the kids had their palms flat on the ground. I was there with my hands up by my knees…Not very flexible, but really useful for leapfrog…


Variety for My Brain

A Healthy Brain

New brain stuff

Learning new things is supposed to help protect your brain from general age-related decline and some forms of dementia. Learning new things appears to be a no-brainer!

Learn A Language

I fancy learning a new language. I can sometimes make myself understood in a few European languages, but I think it would be fun feel confident in a language. I have a choice, either go for something different in every way maybe something like Japanese or Korean. Both are entirely different sounding, and the alphabet is different.

Alternatively, maybe something more familiar sounding Spanish or Italian where there’s a similarity in words and alphabet. As most courses don’t start until the summer or later, there’s still time to think.

Learn an Instrument

We have a few instruments at home. The kids have bought, practised and played various noisemakers, so we have a selection of things to hit, strum or blow around the house.

I’ve attempted to play the guitar in the past. Maybe it’s time for me to pick one of those up. I could learn three cords and play all the Status Quo songs. We also have drums, but they’re not very neighbour friendly. The most portable instrument we have and therefore the one that’s easiest to find practice time is the harmonicas passed on from my dad…

Variety for My Gut

A Happy Gut

The last is food.

Variety is also supposed to be great for a happy digestive system and the microbiome (bacteria) that help it work at it’s optimum. Some say that having a healthy microbiome is a predictor of whole body health. It affects almost every anatomical and physiological system

For gut bacteria variety I have two choices. I have the horrible chore of trying new foods. Maybe going out to eat in different restaurants or purposely choosing different options from familiar restaurants.

I also can try to cook new and potentially interesting dishes. I expect there’s going to be a few taste mistakes cooking, and it will be a dirty job, but someone has to do them.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are supposed to be another way to a healthy and happy digestive system. I’ve made Sauerkraut in the past, but due to the low night temperatures in my kitchen success isn’t always guaranteed. I want to get that right. I want to get consistently good sauerkraut.

I can then also try simple natural live yoghurt and harder fermented foods such as kombucha and kefir.

There we have it — my intentions for the year. I can start anytime I want. I can pause activities to fit around life if I need to and carry on full steam when I want. As well as being fun, they are me demonstrating that I practice what I preach.

I’m looking forward to these aspects of my year. You’ll be able to follow me through my posts on the website and also through my social media accounts. I hope you’ll enjoy my year too.

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