Running 100 metres

Can You Run 100 Metres?

Over the years I have grown to love running and being active. I loved working as an osteopath, treating others and helping them get or stay active. Because I run, I tend to notice other people running. So a survey by Slimming World surprised me.

My Surprise

My surprise was that the survey found that 45% of the UK population don’t think they can run 100 metres. When I returned to running as a 40+-year-old smoker, I wasn’t the fittest person there was, but I could run slowly but continuously for 100 metres. With our assessment and treatment options pre-conditioning for exercise assessment or pre-hab assessment, we may be able to help you get there.

The 45% of the population breaks down to 65% of women, and 31% of men didn’t think they could 100 metres. The survey also noted that three out of four individuals or 75 % of the population are never physically competitive active, while over half, i.e. 55% are not physically active at all. Compare that to 6 out of 10 men or 59% who watch sport on TV at least once every week. This percentage has increased during the Olympics.

It was hoped that hosting the Olympics in London would encourage the UK to become more active and leave a legacy of exercise and health.

Why don’t people think they can run? Maybe they don’t believe they can, or have enough confidence because they’ve had an injury in the past, but with our new appointment and assessment options, we may be able to help you start exercising again.

We have three options to help you get exercising and keep you exercising. We’ve termed them an MOT, a Service and a Repair. Go and have a look at our sports injury treatment options and start allowing your inspiration to be your achievement.

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  1. So 59% watch sport on TV at least one a week? According to figures from The Guardian Retweeted by @GaryDayEllison The figure over the Olympics was 90% of the UK population. Told you it would go up.

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