Corona Virus and Treating You During it

Online Appointments Corona Virus Update

Corona virus is real, and it’s here and it’d going to mean changes are going to have to be made in all our lives, but with sensible planning we can keep the disruption to a minimum.


In this post I’m going through the changes made at in the clinic and to help you get a diagnosis, advice and treatment with What’sAppDan

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Government Advice on Corona Virus

In the first instance, follow Government advice. If you have a new persistent cough, raised temperature then please self-isolate. If you have an appointment and you need to cancel or reschedule because of corona virus symptoms, I will not charge you. Full up to date corona virus/ Covid 19 information from NHS111 website

Glasgow Treatment Room

Surfaces in my treatment room have been cleared of anatomical models and other clutter to make wiping down between patients easier and more thorough. I’ve also increased time between patients to stop the need to rush.

The treatment table has had its cloth cover removed to allow me to wipe down after patients, so it’s fresh and ready for you.

Light switches and door handles are wiped regularly. The sink in my room is also available for you to wash your hands when you come in as is the sink in the toilet.

We now insist that everyone coming into Glasgow Treatment Rooms washes their hands on arrival

Online/Video Appointments

Back pain or any other aches and pains doesn’t care or wait for you to finish your self isolating or for the need to practising social exclusion ends.

Your treatment and management shouldn’t be delayed or have to end either. This is why I’ve started a new, live video, online appointment. I’m jokingly calling it, What’sAppDoc. This online appointment is for new patients and existing patients.

Instead of using WhatsApp, I’m using proprietary secure video conferencing software. You will receive details including the password to access your video appointment with me by email after making your booking. For completeness, I also have to say I’m also not a Dr so maybe I should call it WhatsAppDan?

I’ll also be using a few other apps to help with your individually prescribed home management to help you get through aches and pains as quickly as possible.

Pain and Performance is still open and treating from West George Street, Glasgow, and I hope to maintain this for as long as possible through the changes made. If you can’t get in, I can still help with the video appointments. Whatever happens, I do hope you and your family stay healthy.