C25K One of the best ways to start running injury free

Couch to 5k or C25k

The Couch to 5K or C25k as it’s known for short is one of the best ways to start running while substantially reducing the risk of injury, but its often used poorly. Here I’m going to start talking about using the c25k and how to use it properly. The easy adaptability makes it suitable for nearly all people whatever their fitness level. It’s available in a number of formats making it suitable for most if not all situations and occasions. 

The Couch to 5k is probably best known and used for helping getting people running, but because it’s used by people that are unfamiliar with running or jogging the best use of the plan is never made. Here I’m going to go through a few ways for anyone to use it more effectively..

The Correct Pace for C25k

If you feel that you’re not fit enough to run, the C25k has that covered. The C25K is normally done as a run/walk program, but what if you feel or find that this is too hard? Then you vary the walk speed, walk fast instead of running and walk slowly for the recovery. As you complete each week in this manner your confidence in yourself and your fitness will improve. This will help you achieve the Run/walk c25k far more easily.

Progressing Properly

What’s often forgotten is, that while there are 9 weekly plans to run in the C25k, you don’t have to move onto the next week if you feel that the week you were on was too hard. There is nothing wrong with repeating a week or even redoing the week before if you find the jump was too much. You set the pace

Using the C25k Returning From Injury

The C25k is great for returning to running after injury. It’s almost a perfect part of your return to running rehab. When we restart running after having to stop, we tend to concentrate of what we used to be able to do, rather than what we can do now. The C25K although maybe a bit pedestrian helps stop the frustration of the boom/bust cycle that doing to much to soon can provoke.

Lastly the C25K is available in a number of formats: 

  • Written: Below is a table form of the c25k. All you need for this is a watch that count seconds (or stopwatch) and a good memory.
  • Podcast: The first time I did the c25k I used a podcast. It told you when to run and walk. Offered encouragement and played music to keep you to pace. This worked well for me. I’ll try and find a way for you to download these
  • App: These are available both free and paid. They offer different functions from maybe the ability to use your own music, log the miles and routes or maybe choose the voice of the coach you want. I’m using the C25k supported by BBC get inspired just now. I aim to do a review of this soon!

The link for C25K on android or iPhone is below

C25k first day of week training

C25k Second Day Training

C25K Third Day Training