Getting Faster As You Get Older

The Conclusion

As this series of posts have progressed it may appear that it has been concentrating on older athletes, but what is in here is just as appropriate to all athletes. In preventing sports injuries I wrote about how we could build strong foundations to start your athletic endeavour and remain injury free. Here I’m going to write about time scale of osteopathic treatment intervention.

When I treat people I get asked 2 questions;

  1. How many treatments will I need?
  2. How frequently will I need to be treated?

The answer to how many treatment is, “It depends”. What does it depend on?

Distances covered; The distance you cover is proportional to the trauma your muscles receive. Think of it like weight training. The heavier the weight or the more repetitions done the more effect on the muscles. The same is true of training distances. Add hills, or a lower gear if cycling and the intensity increases (which take us to the next point).
How often you exercise; How often, type of exercise and intensity of that exercise are important, but probably more important is the rest and recovery. Here I will be thinking about where do you fit your rest and recovery phase into your exercise routine. Do you cross-train? This again factors into the abuse or maybe overuse your body receives
Your age; I explained in the last post about your body being the mirror of your life. Well the older you are, or the more you’ve “done” with your body the more potential problems that may need addressing
Existing problems; Is your body adapting because an existing problem. Do I have to treat this first? Most of the time I will treat the problem you’ve asked to me to treat first (I have to try to keep you to your training or competition schedule if you have one)

So the answer is it really depends on you. I treat each patient as an individual with individual expectations and treatment needs. What you want to achieve from your osteopathic treatments may vary making your treatment plan very different from anyone elses.

How frequently do you need treatment? I normally treat weekly to start with then move to fortnightly appointments . Some patients elect to have scheduled maintenance treatments to keep their competitive edge and to try to reduce the likelihood on injury.

If you’re not sure if an Daniel can help you why not book in for a free 15 minute assessment. It will give me a chance to find out about you and what you need. It will also allow me to tell you what I think could help you.

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  1. It will be hard to find practiced persons within this matter, but you sound like you no doubt know what you are preaching about! Thanks

  2. Now that you’ve read the three posts. Does any one have any thoughts or ideas about it. Do you think this approach would work with you? Have you times got longer as you’ve matured. I’m really interested to hear what you have to say.

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