Back Pain Relief Exercise-Rock Your Knees

Low back rotation exercise to help your back pain lumbar rotation in crook lying

Knee rocking or to give use its proper name, lumbar rotation in crook lying
is a really basic back movement exercise to do when your back is really bad and you need some relief. It’s a great first aid movement to help you get up and get moving when all you want to do is cry. 

I often use this exercise as one of my “go to” first stage back pain exercises. It doesn’t challenge any tissues, and is highly unlikely to make you hurt while doing it. It’s safe, helps decrease pain, inflammation, irritation and starts to make movement easier and less painful

While this is a basic exercise it can be developed or progressed into stronger and larger movements as you feel more comfortable and safe.

How to do The exercise

Lay on your back with your knees bent to about 90° and feet flat on the floor.

Let your knees swing slightly to one side (about 5cm to 10cm). Bring them back to the start position and then do to the opposite side.

As this improves the feeling in your low back you should be able to swing your knees  further.

You should not feel any stretch or pulling. It should be a small, gentle and safe rocking motion with very little muscle activity needed to bring your knees back up.

Do for as long as you feel it needs. 

knee rocking start position