How Does an Online Therapy Consultation Work?


Book Your Appointment

Once you’ve booked your session online,  I will send you a Zoom link. You will simply click the link on your desktop, tablet or phone and will automatically enter the video call. I will be on the other side ready to start your session.


Assess Your Needs

I will ask you a specific series of questions on your online video therapy consultation to discuss your issues. From this we will be able to assess your individual needs without the risk of illness.


Diagnose Your Pain

I will make a diagnosis and give you a management plan with exercises, postural advice and do’s & don’t do’s around the house.



Receive your personalised rehabilitation programme to work on at home.



The final step is you get better! From the plan, you should have reduced pain and risk of injury. Follow up with Daniel, to find out how you’re doing.

Possible signs you have Bad Posture Symptoms

Bad posture is something that impacts your day-to-day life as well as your long-term health. It’s something that many of us struggle to avoid.

After all, many of us spend a large proportion of the day working stationery from a desk, where overworked back and neck muscles give way for bad posture to creep in.

Getting treatment will improve the quality of your life and alleviate the many symptoms of poor posture.

Speak to Daniel today to find out more about how having a postural assessment can help you.

Back pain form working on the sofa

Start feeling less pain and Easier in Yourself today