Osteopathic Techniques

Osteopathic Treatment Techniques

Osteopathic techniques are best known for their use in the treatment of back pain and sciatica, but they are used all over the body. Their main aim of an osteopathic technique is to decrease your pain and stiffness and increase movement and get you feeling easier faster. 

I qualified as an osteopath over 20 years ago, although I no longer practice as a registered osteopath, I still use the osteopathic techniques I trained in and am a specialist in using and applying correctly.

Various methods may be used to enable your body to heal and facilitate better health, but ultimately, the technique isn’t important. What is, is knowing when to use the correct approach for you.

First and foremost, listen to you to make sure any treatment given is right for you and is what you want and need. Treatment techniques used then may include the use of methods such as Osteopathic manipulation, and Osteopathic articulation and soft-tissue therapy. 

Soft Tissue Approaches

Muscles spasms, stiffness, inflammation, swelling and just general tightness respond well to Soft-Tissue Techniques. Any pushing, pulling and moving the body to improve the muscles, ligaments and tendons are soft tissue techniques.

These can include direct techniques like numerous forms of massage (sports massage, deep tissue massage), Trigger point therapy to help with muscle knots and pain. Effleurage to help with lymphatic drainage when swelling and fluid retention may need to be improved. It may also include cupping as well.
There are also indirect techniques where the painful area isn’t moved directly or even touched. These include assisted stretching. Where I help you to loosen and elongate muscles to get you to move better.

So important is good soft tissue work, that failure to do it together with articulation techniques leads you to need the ongoing short term quick fix of manipulation

Osteopathic Articulation

Osteopathic articulation is used to get joints moving safely and gently. It has the added advantage of allowing me to stay within your pain-free and comfortable range of movement. Articulation is useful in decreasing inflammation and helping create pain-free movement getting you to return to activities.

One of the main benefits of articulation 

Joint articulation, together with soft tissue work or massage is one of the most potent ways to get you moving feeling pain-free again.

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Osteopathic Manipulation

I use Osteopathic manipulation as part of your treatment to help you move better. It functions well for short term pain relief. Spinal manipulation is the generic name for the clicking sound you hear in your back. Some of the names used for it are Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation™ or Chiropractic Adjustment. It’s also sometimes used to do what people describe as helping spinal alignment, putting your spine back into alignment or, helping with a slipped disc.

Just as you can crack your fingers, other particular types of joints called synovial joints can also be made to click. The joints manipulation is probably used most on after the spine/neck are, on ribs and ankle joints. Although if needed, any synovial joint can be manipulated.

Although spinal manipulation is possibly the best-known osteopathic technique used in treatment, it’s also the least used taking up only fractions of a treatment session.  If I use it will depend on if it’s safe to use on you, If you like the idea of manipulation and lastly, will you get any benefit.

How does this benefit you?

Normally your primary goal when getting osteopathic treatment is to get the problem fixed. The first goal of my treatments is to get you pain-free and help return you, and your body to its optimal condition allowing you to lead a full a life as you desire or want to manage. For some people, this is all they want.

Various methods may be used to enable the body to heal and facilitate better health. First and foremost, I listen to you, to make sure any treatment given is correct for you and your condition.

I understand that you are more than your injury, so while massage, soft tissue, and manipulative techniques may be the mainstay, other techniques may also be employed to increase confidence, strength and knowledge about your condition.

Next I can look at the surrounding structures find out what’s wrong with them and any possible link to your original pain or problem. I will treat them and possibly give advice and exercises to you to help manage your problem.

Once that’s all taken care of, I can then look at anything else and try to treat preventively to try and stop anything that may give you trouble at a later date.
This all-round approach is the most important thing for you. When treating you, I give you the tools and understanding to stop you returning to that painful, stiff state that you were in initially.

Why Get treatment with Me?

A number of different treatment methods are used when treating you, including osteopathic manipulation and soft tissue, but selecting the right one is my skill. My training and years of experience have taught me that the correct diagnosis and treatment plan is achieved by listening carefully to you.

This helps me to find out what you expect from your treatment. What your goals and what you like and more importantly, don’t want in your treatment. I understand that you are more than your injury.
So while massage, soft tissue, and manipulative techniques may be the mainstay, other techniques may also be employed to increase confidence, strength and knowledge about your condition making sure you are fit for the life you want.

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