Kinesio Tape is Part of the Answer to Running Injuries

rocktape shin splints

Kinesio Tape as Part of Running Rehab A recent article in Runners World on Kiniesiology tape preventing spots injuries has been causing a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. This is quite frankly tiring. In this post I’m going to go through why I think it’s tiring and why we need to think differently […]

5 Rules for Rocktaping

How runners use rocktape. Kinesiology taping in Glasgow

5 Rules for Rocktaping What you need to do before applying Rocktape In an earlier post I described Rocktape as both duct tape like, and as adhesive tape that we sometimes put on your skin. Just like any other kinesiology tapes there area a few rules to follow to help it stick and last longer. […]