Services Offered

Live Video Appointments

Online video consultations and appointments. Specialist help and advice direct to you in your home. Perfect for you if you’re now working from home or you need help with your sports injuries or training 

Osteopathic Techniques

Osteopathic Techniques, are used by me to help decrease pain and stiffness and increase your capability to move freely. They  include the use of manipulation/adjustments and soft tissue techniques.

Back Pain Assessments

Back pain can be worrying and debilitation. Making your everyday tasks feel like a nightmare as they take longer and often leave you feeling tired as you try to adapt. I’m here so check, reassure and help you join my other pain free patients

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point treatment is a very powerful, deep soft tissue treatment that can help resolve your painful muscle knots and unresolved aches and pains throughout your body 

Sports Injury treatment and Rehab

Sports injuries are frustrating because they bring your progress to a grinding halt. Reassuringly treatment from me leaves you safe in the knowledge that, not only will my extensive training and knowledge of treatment, rehab and prevention of injuries will get you back as quickly as possible

Clinical Sports Massage

Instead of a general wishy-washy sports massage my Clinical Sports Massage works with you to identify your  actual problems and start the process of making it history. 

Rocktape/Kinesiology Taping

I love rocktaping! It lets you go home after your treatment with the tape carrying on the work that was done while you were here. It can also help and support you potentially getting you back to activity faster

Perrin Tech for ME/CFS

The Perrin technique is a clinically trialed approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS. The Perrin Technique treats ME/CFS as a physical illness that can be treated allowing a person with ME to return to their previous life.

Rehabilitaion/Strength & Conditioning

Rest it and it goes away. Get back to sport or activity and it starts again. Familiar? This is the dreaded boom/bust cycle. Felt by desk workers through to gardeners and athletes. This is where my carefully planned rehab will help you stop this.

Assisted Stretching

Ever feel you need a really good stretch? I mean a really, really good stretch, but whatever you do never feels quite enough? This is where I can help. Find out about assisted stretching