Shoulder Problems

Shoulder Problems including pain and stiffness account for one of the  largest proportions of of patients that I treat. Because of my specialist training, knowledge and experience,  I can help identify and diagnose the problem, then provide treatment and if needed rehab exercise that are appropriate and unique to you.

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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that limits shoulder and arm movement. As a specialist using the clinically trialled NAT technique, I can help reduce the length of time suffered and guide rehab and start to return you to pain free movement

Rotator Cuff

Most of the Shoulder problems  I treat in the shoulder and upper arm tend to be related to the rotator cuff muscles and associated structures. Through my careful treatment and rehab the pain and stiffness can become a thing of the past

Shoulder Exercise

Shoulder Problems can often be helped by exercising them. The key is using the correct exercise for you at the right time. This is a collection of exercises I commonly use


I will often use different varieties of tape to help you feel more secure and make you feel more in control of pain and discomfort. Kinesiology taping can also help with poor posture, helping to remind you of where you feel more comfortable

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