The Perrin Technique Online

The Perrin Technique Online

The Perrin Technique has been getting lots of positive attention in various groups and forums for its help in the treatment and management of ME and more recently Long Covid.

This help is now available in a modified form as a series of online appointments almost anywhere in the world.

What is the Perrin Technique?

The Perrin technique is a form of manual medicine researched and developed by osteopath and ME/CFS researcher Dr Raymond Perrin. Simply put, the Perrin Technique for ME works to improve lymphatic drainage and neural health without overtaxing you and making you worse.

The Perrin view is that ME and Long Covid is a physical diseases, and has no psychological basis. We also know that ME isn’t rooted in deconditioning and can’t be exercised away.

About the Perrin Technique Online

These online appointments are the ideal opportunity to start with the Perrin Technique if you’re not able to leave the house or there’s no one close geographically to perform the technique.

To allow you to get the most from this I’ve created a package of appointments that is specifically designed for you, if you can’t get to a registered Perrin Practitioner.

The video consults can help you to achieve the improvements associated with the Perrin technique, but unfortunately not as fast as face to face appointments can, but it’s far better than the limbo of ME/CFS and the life of a longhauler.

Knowledge and experience gained over 15 yrs plus of treating people with ME/CFS, together with listening and learning from my patients suffering with ME and Long Covid have helped in the formation and testing of this format for online appointments. As Brain fog can limit concentration and post-exertional malaise has the potential to punish you if we spend too long together, the decision has been made to split the time into different appointments.

  1. An appointment to take an in depth, detailed case history. This is obviously taxing mentally, so is done as a stand-alone yo make sure it doesn’t take too much out of youu
  2. This appointment is where you are taught how to do the home treatment.  I will also go through other key concepts of self-care. A PDF of the home treatment will be emailed to you prior to this appointment,
  3. Two bonus 15 min appointments are also included to address any problems found and to answer any questions that may have occurred to you.

All four appointments are included in the price.

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