10 Tips for Stress Free Working at Home

Working at home. I thought it was time to try and prepare a little series of posts and video on tips from working from giving you the best advice for to help you stay pain free and healthy.

Lots of us are having to do work at home as the Covid 19 virus affects our lives and livelihoods. Our kitchen table becomes our desk and our pets our distracting coworkers.

For some of us with the kids now off school, working at home just got harder. So to try and make it easier and as  stress free as possible here’s my tips for healthy and happy home working. 

Tip 1

Where's The Least Stressful Place?

Where’s the least stressful place to sit and work and at home?

When I set my work place up, I had to think about people passing, would I keep getting in the way or being nudged.

Is there a draft? A draft isn’t really a problem, but who likes sitting in them?

Practical things; Plug sockets, lighting, not just electric, but sunlight. Sunlight can cause a problems too.

Tip 2

Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain

Sitting in awkward positions can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. I find that awkward positions can possibly lead to headaches too.

Try to find a working position that feels neutral giving you lots or room to move. There is no perfect posture apart from maybe the next one.  This does depend on the way you’re working. Setting up your work area can be done so as to make it less stressful on your body. 

Tip 3

Reduce Headaches

Reducing headaches. Headaches, there’s four reasons although two are maybe more common.

  1. Your computer or laptop is in the wrong place. This increases the effort it takes to stare at the screen. Setting up your computer I’ll have some suggestions on this
  2. The other one is glare. Light shining off the screen or onto your eyes. 
  3. You’ve been doing the same thing for too long. Take a break and move around. I have some videos coming out on this. Subscribe to my instagram account for little exercise snippets video as they come out.
  4. When was the last time your eyes were tested? poorer eyesight and training to see cab cause headaches

Tip 4

Low back pain

Low back pain. Working at the kitchen table, using poor office style chairs or maybe sitting cramped up and twisted on the sofa with a laptop on your thighs; these can all lead to low back pain. 

First piece of advice is, get some support for your low back. 

The second piece of advice is, vary how your sitting and change the task. Can you bring in frequent breaks? These breaks don’t have to be directly productive to work, but they will increase your overall productivity.

Tip 5

Decrease Distractions

This can be the hardest thing to do, particularly with younger children who can’t understand that you have to work. It may be easier if there’s two of you and you act as a tag team. 

Otherwise you could try setting up a duplicate work place to you so that they can paint and draw while you work. They may feel grown up doing the same as you.

I hate to suggest it, but this day and age the nanny games console or tablet can keep them occupied for a long time. 

Tip 6

Increase Concentration

This may sound counter intuitive, but taking frequent breaks can help you when you’re struggling to concentrate.  Use the breaks to do some stretching or other simple exercises to keep you moving and decreasing the stress on your body. subscribe to my social media to see some of the video suggestions I’ll be making.

I also find it useful to play music in the background to stop the background noises around distracting me,. It can take a while to find what works for you. 

I  use an App called Pzizz to help me focus. 

Tip 7

Eat well

It’s easy to eat rubbish or eat too much. You need to work out if you’re eating for boredom or hunger. Having a glass of water or hot drink to distract you from food is a tactic I’ve used..

Depending on how far the lockdown goes, or how bad the panic buying gets, try to have some fruit and veg you can snack on. 

Include plenty of variety in your diet. Different colours, textures and flavours are great for keeping you interested, but not overly focused on your diet. It can also be beneficial as it helps give you a happy gut.

My place for working is in the kitchen. Having the kettle and toaster close by can be a bit challenging for me at times.

Another option you could try is intermittent or window fasting. There are few apps that can help here. I’ll write more on this later in a planned post 

Tip 8

Move more

Not having to go out, its easy to not move and become a bit of a couch potato. This lack of movement can contribute to aches and pain and maybe constipation. Not using your calf muscles much can potentially lead to swollen ankles. 

Movement and changes in posture and activity, decrease the stress on your whole body. Do some moves. Put the radio on stream some movement and dance like no-one is watching. That always makes me feel better

Tip 9

Establish a Routine

What day is it today? Establishing a routine can stop these type of thoughts occurring. Our normal routines will go, potentially leaving us confused. 

There’s also the temptation to get up later and later, as you don’t have to properly be at the office,  but setting the alarm and getting showered and dressed will help with your routine.

Tip 10

Sleep well

Sleeping well can decrease our overall stress levels and make us feel so much better. 

Having a routine can help with sleeping better. Other ways to help achieve better sleep can include exercise or maybe yoga and a form of meditation.

Turning off screens and reading a book, or maybe trying to pain and draw. The “mindfull” colouring books are still available and help a lot of people switch off

Last suggestions here. Spoken word books or relaxation tapes. I have never once got to the end of a Audible book chapter if I listen while laying down..

Tip 11

Have some fun

Have some fun and do something different. There’s loads of free online courses. Learn a language, or maybe a musical instrument. Cook different things, form your own bush tucker trials to the great “British Bake Off..There’s loads of things that could be done. There’s something for everyone to do. I have some ideas, but I’d love you to tell me your ideas.

To round off what I’ve been saying. Most of the best ways of making sure working from home is as stress free as possible is to move.

Be flexible in how we do things and what we do.  The situation is different and we have to be too. 

It’s not the fittest that survive. It’s the most adaptable. So this was a list that that was only supposed to go up to 10, but being flexible this one went up to 11 and as everyone knows.;11 is always louder than 10..

If you want further advice on your home office set up, I’m doing this for free during this difficult period. If you’re in pain or discomfort I’ll have a few suggestions that might help to or you could book an appointment