Online Back Pain Help

Appointments By Live Video Link

Appointments by live video for people in pain or needing help is something I’ve been doing for a few years. I now feel with the Corona Virus pandemic it’s the time to make them available to everyone.

If your back starts hurting or if you tweek your neck over the coming weeks, more of you will find it hard to come in, or justify coming in to the centre of Glasgow or even to your normal therapist.

This is where my established experience in Telemedicine and helping people over phones and online works to your benefit. I know what works and what doesn’t work so you can start improving as quickly as possible.

Appointments Wherever You Are

Earlier this week I jokingly called this service “WhatsAppDoc” after the popular messaging app and the bugs bunny catch phrase.

While amusing, this undersells and undervalues the quality of whats involved in giving you the best patient experience. In reality the service uses proprietary video conferencing software that will run on your smart phones, tablets/iPad or laptops

Not only can the appointment by live video be on any device. It can be where ever you are. The software allows both of us to see and hear each other and means I can do everything that’s involved in my normal clinic case history exam, except for palpating the problem area.

I can see how, and where you move, but more importantly where you avoid movement and how you adapt to compensate for any problems…

These observed changes can then be used to prescribe a treatment plan for you based on movement and exercise to start the process of helping your pain and discomfort become manageable and ultimately make you feel right.

Online Treatment

Before treatment starts I’ll make a diagnosis and discuss treatment options with you. Obviously I can’t work on your muscles and joints, or massage and manipulate at distance, but together, we can start working towards your recovery.

Just like your clinic based treatment program, movements and exercises are given, to start to get you you moving confidently and back to pain free.

The treatment programme exercises are prescribed specifically for you, at your particular stage of pain and recovery.

Some of the exercises included in your plan will be specially videoed by me making it unique to you.

You don’t even have to remember whats in the plan because it’s all conveniently included in another specialist app which has the videos of all the movements and exercises prescribed.

So rather than getting a generic treatment sheet that others may give, this is your  bespoke for you with exercises and movements that are designed to be achievable by you.

The exercises will also be changed to keep them short and to keep you progressing towards your goal.

If you have any questions you can use the contact form below or just go ahead and book an appointment.